Unique Handcrafted Quilled Cards

Unique Handcrafted Quilled Cards



A Little About Me

Hi!  I’m Suzanne.  I’m so happy you stopped by!  Let me share a quick bit about me.    I’m a former teacher, turned stay-at-home mom, of two sassy little girls. Don’t you just love little toes?!  Being a mom is truly my favorite job ever!!! Our oldest is about to go to pre-school and I have ABSOLUTELY forbidden her to leave me! Ha!  I’m obsessed with coffee (cream, no sugar thank you)  and am always dreaming of the next creamy cup.   I love photography, ancestry, baking, crafting, throwing kid’s parties and decorating.  I’m a serious foodie who is forever on a quest to photograph,  find, create or eat the ultimate antipasti platter.

I spend most of my days driving to and from ballet, soccer, the zoo, the library, grocery shopping…   and when we aren’t running around, we are reading in our book tent, having dance parties, playing dress up, having tea parties, doing arts and crafts, baking, and of course,  learning!  Learning!  Always learning!

Why the name Tidbits and Tutus?

Basically, I’m a dabbler.  I dabble in a tidbit of this and a tidbit of that.  I’ve  dabbled in children’s photography, cake decorating, children’s clothing….  always searching for ways I can continue to stay home with my girls while doing something that I love.

Besides being a mother and a dabbler, I’m a sharer.  I love, love, love to share ideas …. and that’s how my blog Tidbits and Tutus was born.  It’s a place for us to document and share tidbits of all the things we love to do and, of course, all things girly.

Why quilling? 

I first heard about quilling 15 years ago from one of my co-workers.  We were young girls back then (lol, weren’t we all! ).  We were kindred spirits of sorts in that we both liked handcrafted, old fashioned things.  One day, I noticed that she was rolling a tiny strip of paper around a pencil.  I asked what she was doing and she said it was called quilling.  Quilling?  I had never heard of such a thing.  I was intrigued!   I tucked that little memory away for another day.

Well, time and life went on, and I forgot all about quilling until very recently, when I was trying to come up with homemade Valentine’s ideas for our four year old.  I pulled out that old memory and we looked up quilling and saw all the amazing pieces and possibilities!

That was it!  We had to make a craft store run right then and there!  We were going to learn to quill!  And away we went, making all sorts of fun shapes and designs.  In fact, we made so many shapes and designs that we started attaching them to cards and and giving them to our friends and family.  Everyone who saw them was intrigued about quilling and said we should sell our cards.   So, here we are!