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Monster Meals

Monster Meals
Do you ever wonder what monsters eat?  Do they get all dressed up and go out or sit around in their jammies and order in?   Do they like stir-fry, pizza or pots of chili? Do they sip lemonade and lick ice cream cones? Do they slice, dice, chiffonade, and sauté?
 We pondered this age old question and finally came up with an answer agreeable to a 4 year old.  Monsters have their meals prepared for them by a monster chef.  On chilly fall days, such as these,  their favorite meal to have prepared is a nice big bowl of monster soup (with a side of crackers and a Diet Coke, of course!)
   So in this spirit, Miss 4 and I played monster kitchen today.  She took her role as head monster chef VERY seriously.  She is totally addicted to watching all of those cooking challenges so this activity was right up her alley.  She had so much fun following my creepy recipe and mixing all the ingredients for a big cauldron of monster soup.  It’s so simple and fun you’ll want to try it with your little chefs too.  It’s a great way to get them to 1) follow written instructions 2) recognize numbers 3) count 4) get creative 5) have fun!
What You Need:
A mix of creepy ingredients.  We used the following: (The ideas are limitless)
  1. plastic rats  (Dollar Tree)
  2. plastic spiders, skeletons, eyeballs, worms, bugs, bats (Dollar Tree)
  3. witches fingers (Five Below)
  4. Werewolf Teeth, Vampire Teeth, Witch Teeth (Five Below)
  5. candy pumpkins and candy corn (Dollar Tree)
– Black Cauldron (Dollar Tree) or other large bowl
-Skeleton spoon (Dollar Tree) or other large spoon
-A creepy recipe for monster soup
For the recipe itself, I typed and printed ours (see below) to look like an actual recipe.  For my pre-reader, I used numbers and pictures for the ingredients.   For readers, use number words and ingredient words.   For non readers, simply do your recipe orally.  You are going to want to make several different recipes because once they do it once they are going to beg you to do it again! And again! And again!  For a twist, become the chef and let your little write (or tell) a recipe for you to follow.

Step 1: Lay out all of your ingredients and utensils.  (I’m in LOVE with these skeleton tongs we found at Dollar Tree!  I will be sharing some other fun uses for them in another post. )

Step 2: Follow the recipe.  Follow it very closely.  Your monster is very hungry!

Step 3: Stir, stir, stir.  It smells delicious!  Your monster’s mouth is watering!

Step 4: Pour the finished soup into a bowl and serve immediately to your monster!

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