Unique Handcrafted Quilled Cards

Unique Handcrafted Quilled Cards

Caramel Apple “Nachos”

Caramel Apple “Nachos”

We totally missed going to our state fair this year and that means we missed getting caramel apples, roasted corn, crazy tators, and fried butter.  Yes, you heard correctly, fried butter!  Don’t judge, just try it!  It’s so good!  Anyway, we missed getting caramel apples so I set up a simple caramel apple bar one evening.  I sliced up a few Granny Smiths and put them on popsicle sticks for the girls to dip.  It was really good but very messy.  So a few nights later, I sliced up some more apples, soaked them in Sprite (any citrus soda will work) and placed them on plates.  I then let everyone drizzle and sprinkle toppings on their very own plate of caramel apple “nachos”.  This was a big hit and received big thumbs up from everyone!  This is going to be one of our new fall traditions for sure! Make your own caramel apple nacho bar.

What You Will Need:

1 Granny Smith apple per person, sliced thin

Sprite/7 UP (or any citrus soda)

caramel sauce

hot fudge sauce

mini chocolate chips

peanut butter chips

Heath bits (located by chocolate chips)

sliced almonds

spray whipped cream

Dip apple slices in citrus soda for a few seconds.  Pat dry and arrange on a plate.  Drizzle and sprinkle with desired toppings!  Top with whipped cream!  Enjoy!

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