Unique Handcrafted Quilled Cards

Unique Handcrafted Quilled Cards

Leprechaun Traps 2019

Leprechaun Traps 2019

Last year was our first year to build Leprechaun traps. Check them all out here  leprechaun traps 2018 and our recipe for corned beef and cabbage.  I can smell it cooking now!  

Who knew trying to catch a leprechaun was an actual thing?!   Well, we do now and we are addicted!  Especially Miss 5, who is obsessed with building, designing and art.  So this activity is right up her alley!  Sadly, we didn’t catch the little guy last year, but had so much fun building our traps that we decided we would make it an annual tradition.  We bought the awesome book, How to Build a Leprechaun Trap by Larissa Juliano and literally Miss 5 looked at it all the way to and from ballet.  She got so inspired by it that she immediately pulled out her paper and pens and started working on some “blueprints” for her 2019 designs.  She wound up creating 9 blueprints in all, 2 of which we actually built!  She is our little architect so we thought it was important for her to see some of her visions come to life.  She was beyond proud of herself! They turned out so cute!

This is one of her blueprints- starting from the bottom, it is a ladder attached to a box with holes cut in the top for the leprechaun to fall through.  At the back of the box is a toilet paper tube slide which would drops the leprechaun into a secondary box.  I just love the way her mind works!!!

We used our left over popsicle stick ladder from last year, two boxes straight out of our recycle bin, a toilet paper tube, some cotton balls, cute rainbow wrapping paper and gold coins.  Miss 5 used our new favorite art supply, Kwikstix to paint the smaller box.  If you don’t have any of these paint sticks, you really should check them out.  They dry in only 90 seconds and the colors are super vibrant.  We love them!!!  Isn’t this leprechaun trap adorable?!!

Here is another one of her blueprints- the bottom is a box with a small ladder.  There is a large rainbow on top of the box.  The box has a false floor that collapses oncer stepped on.

Here is her design come to life.  We used our rainbow wrapping paper, mini popsicle stick ladder, gold coin, pipe cleaner rainbow and a Kleenex as our false floor.

This next design is mama’s 🙂  I had to try my hand at building a trap too!  I used a snow cone cup with a hole punched in it.  I dangled a bit of gold for our little friend to tug on.  When and if he does, I’ve got him right where I want him and he can lead us to the gold!


We recycled this trap from our 100 Days of School Are Magical hat and turned it into a leprechaun hotel!
Well, unfortunately we didn’t catch a leprechaun! But he was here, that we know for sure! This morning Miss 5 raced to her traps to find that they all had been tampered with. Her gold bait coins had been taken and everything was topsy turvy. The little green man must have climbed onto our dining room table, where he messed with daddy’s Christmas lights. He strung a strand from the chandelier and had them blinking all in green! He left us this note too!
Here is the pot of gold Colin McDoogle left for us!
We topped off our fun morning with some awesome green pancakes. They were topped with a sour rainbow, whipped cream clouds and lucky charm marshmallows!! We used this awesome recipe for fluffy and delicious homemade pancakes from Midget Momma!
If you loved this year’s traps, check out our Leprechaun Traps 2018!!  If all this talk of leprechauns has you hungry for some corned beef and cabbage, check out our traditional St. Patrick’s Day meal.

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